unfurls her pluck

by southern femisphere

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justin spicer
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justin spicer Hopefully Charleston's Southern Femisphere franchises to the Northern, Eastern, and Western Hemispheres soon! Favorite track: transgander (when the community went looking for the lost gayzling in the wood).
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released July 16, 2012

SO MANY SPECIAL THANKS to Harper Marchman-Jones for recording and mixing all of these songs with such care and attention. AND ALSO A LOT OF GRATITUDE to Amanda Grasty for the cover art.



all rights reserved


southern femisphere Charleston, South Carolina

Southern Femisphere is into making melodies, harmonies, and rhythms that don't always make sense but usually work anyway. They find inspiration in small animals, strange animals, fantasy novels, and hot days at the beach.

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Track Name: the wide, wide world
heart met heart
for each knew all that was in the other.
it goes through and through her.
she knew it was the last time
love´s last act.

we are the etceteras!
make me tea; make me toast!

words over ocean, sheets of paper. but sight, sound, touch -- lost to her forever.
she will do enough
she will do enough
-- children always do.

she will do enough!
Track Name: transgander (when the community went looking for the lost gayzling in the wood)
foot by the golden owl
who stares to guard the gayzling
looking as though cities, streetlamps, telephone poles
have never been

they all dissolve when you let me give you the ungivens
all gone into the hum

the hum is all there is
the gayzling's whine of wings
the hum is all there is
given the ungivens
oh won't the gander let the goose give wings to him!

we go looking listening
for the lost hum in the woods
take down the owls
but the gayzling can unpin, unfurl her pluck
take down the owls

they all dissolve when you let me give you the ungivens
all gone into the hum

wooded spring strings
colored spring strings
we'll take the risk: goose and gander dissolution hum.
Track Name: Rebuild
ended up undone
by the touch of the other
boundaries arose between us
once enamored-pursuant
in los angeles we are pulverized flight
yet sometimes in memory
we, still undoing, are undone

cockroach trituration! elimination!
but i still wanna get back to the erstwhile halation

back where liminality collapsed
rebuild! rebuild! halcyon nation!

with the GRC -- my non-contingency
i have these women, my pillars of sanity
seated to eat at the dinner party
and together with our total cacophony
we say to each other: let's transgress the boundary
oh let us return to liminality!

(used to have secret places, liminal, lambent spaces)